“Enjoying Morocco” invites you to explore Casablanca in guided tour. It has long stood in the western imagination as a hub of romance. Most of travellers associate Casablanca with the film, “Casablanca”. The city is the financial and industrial hub of Morocco country and we will explore it with local guide. You will find modern restaurants, also large and modern shopping centres and of course a nightlife. We visit a must-see monuments and sights during our private city tour. That includes also exploring The Jewish Synagogue. We visit “the Square of Mohammed V” ,and local souks. We enjoy view of Royal Palace and we do not miss “The Hassan II Mosque”. After a full day of Casablanca sightseeing, we drive you back to the hotel.


“Enjoying Morocco” as trusted travel company in Morocco invites you to explore Rabat in private and guided tour. Wthe company private driver will pick up you from your hotel / port / or any place in Atlantic coast city. During our guided city tour we explore best sights in capital. Thr city of Rabat was ranked as 2nd place by CNN in article of “Best travel destinations in 2013”. The city is located on the “Atlantic Ocean coast”, and offers some really interesting galleries. We visit an archeological museum and “Mausoleum of Mohammed V”. Our Casablanca to Rabat day trip includes also exploring of “Hassan Tower”. You visit “Kasbah of the Udayas”. Once we finish Rabat excursion visiting main monuments and sights, “Enjoying Morocco” team will transfer you back to Casablanca and we drop you off at your hotel.


Our day trip from Casablanca starts with pick up at 8 a.m. from your hotel or city port. The private and experienced driver take us to the most visited city in Morocco. Marrakech is probably the most important former imperial city. Marrakech has been built by Berbers and it has famous medina which is frequently visited by tourists every day. We explore its narrow alleys , beautiful souks. During the day excursion from Casablanca with local and licensed guide we visit new part of Gueliz. It has French-build streets, cafes , restaurants , shopping centre and buildings. Marrakech is one of the busiest cities in Africa continent. Our walking tour will include visit of the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square. It has been ranked as the best square in the world. We may also explore Marrakech’s largest traditional Berber market. We visit some of popular gardens as “The Menara gardens” and “garden Marjolle”. We visit also “El Badi Palace” , then “Royal Palace” and “Bahia Palace”. Then at the end of tour “Enjoying Morocco” team will transfer you back to Casablanca and our day trip finishes.


Our private driver pick up at 8:45 a.m. from your hotel or port. Then we drive to Fez to explore the capital city of culture in Morocco with its 2 famous old medinas. The larger is Fez el Bali and we will walk and explore most visited places. The medina is listed as a Unesco Site and it is 1 of the world’s largest car-free areas. During our Fez guided day trip we explore souks, monuments and also “University of Al Quaraouiyine”, which has been founded in 859. It is considered to be the oldest university in the world. Once we finish private day excursion in Fez visiting main attractions and sights, “Enjoying Morocco” team will transfer you back to Casablanca where excursion finishes.